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朴守賢(ぱく すひょん)
박수현 / PARK, Soo-Hyun /

A composer who loves the gradation of life and the world.

PARK studied composition at the Osaka College of Music.
He is actively engaged in composition, arrangement, conducting, and performance on clarinet, recorder and bawu. Additionally, he dedicates himself to the practical study of early childhood music education and fosters international artistic exchanges.

He is the director of PARKS KIDS ENSEMBLE, a lecturer at the Osaka College of Music (composition) and the Osaka Kyoiku University (Early Childhood Education). He is also a member of the Kansai Modern Music Association, the Orff-Schulwerk Gesellschaft Japan and the Japanese Band Directors Association.
 <Prizes and Awards>
 2003 Selected in the Asian Composer's League "Asia Music Festival 2003 in Tokyo" (Symphonic GAME)
 2005 2nd Prize in the 3rd ACL-Korea Young Composer's Competition(Trip to retrace something)
 2005 1st Prize in the 17th Daegu International Contemporary Music Festival (Trip to retrace something)
 2007 Selected in the 10th Kyoen, 21st century's wind music(Symphonic GAME)
 2009 Selected in the ISCM World New Music Days in Sweden (White Dance)
 2011 3rd Prize in the Japan Clarinet Association Composition Competition (Y's Portrait)
 2011 Kansai Modern Music Association Composition Award 
 2013 Selected in the 16th Kyoen, 21st century's wind music(White Dance)
 2014 1st Prize in the All Japan Band Association Composition Competition (The Scintillating Dawn)
 2014 Selected in the ISCM World New Music Days in Poland (March "Dreams in a Dream")
 2017 Selected in the 20th Kyoen, 21st century's wind music(Shangri-La Fifteen)
 2019 Selected in the 22nd Kyoen, 21st century's wind music(Festival Overture "Leap Up for Glory")
 2021 Selected in the 2nd Left-Hand Piano International Competition Composition Section(Ice Thew)  

 <Main Invitations and Commissions>
 2007 Taiwan International Creation Project
 2009 Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival(Rhapsody on a folksong in Jeju)
 2010 Ten Drum Tour in Taiwan
 2011 Kaohsiong Spring Festival(Nian Hua)
 2012 Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival(Tears of Red Poppies)
 2015 Taiwan International Band Clinic(Ms. Malan Rhapsody)
 2015 Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival (Festival Bongjiga)
 2015 Kyoto Art Center Exhibition "Double Inspiration"(Resonance Cloud, etc...)
 2015 KOBE Cultural Foundation(Happiness is...)
 2017 Culture City of East Asia 2017 Opening Concert in Kyoto(Kobokusanten Sanzameki, etc...)
 2022 Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival(Jeju Island Folksong Suite)

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